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Providing quality care to those who raised us first.
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We understand that sending your loved one to a nursing home is not the best option for everyone. Let’s talk about how in-home healthcare by Luving Heart, LLC can benefit you and your special person. Get in touch either by calling, emailing or by booking a consultation now. We will help in any way we can.


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To show love and respect to all of our patients while making sure they are always treated with dignity. We promise to provide our patients with companionship, protect them from harm, and to give the best services to them, in every way we can.

About The Founder | Sonya Youse

Hi, I’m Sonya Youse. I am the owner and founder of Luving Heart, LLC which was formed 15 years ago to make a difference in people’s lives and that of their loved ones. I have always wanted to work with the elderly, so I did, and along the way I decided to specialize in treating patients with Alzheimer’s.

The Push For Better Care

I volunteered in a nursing home when I was 12 years old and I saw how people were negatively treated there. I couldn’t believe how the ones who took care of us first, were not receiving the proper care, therefore I decided I would start my own in-home healthcare business.
I believe in loved ones staying in their own homes if they have the right person to take care of them. I was always taught that if you treat someone the way you want to be treated you can’t go wrong.


Activity Daily Living (ADL)

Most of our patients cannot perform their daily living activities such as feeding themselves, dressing, or even taking care of their personal hygiene. We help with all of this and more in order for them to continue to live the best life they can. 

Medical Transportation

We help families by providing medical transportation as a part of our services. We understand the importance of being punctual at every appointment and make sure not a prescription is missed. 


We love getting to know our patients and the best times to do this is by watching tv with them, reading a book, or playing the games they enjoy most. 

Light Housekeeping

Need some housekeeping done or errands taken care of? We’ve got you covered here too. 

Specialized to Treat Alzheimer's Patients

We understand how difficult in can be for family members to take care of others diagnosed with Alzheimer’s; we’ve been there.  With compassion and empathy, we strive to take care of our patients with Alzheimer’s in order to make their lives as easily and comfortable as we can while also taking the stress away from their families.

Work with A CAREgiver.

Why Choose Us


Experienced Treating Patients with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, we know first-hand, therefore chose to specialize with patients that struggle with this disease. 


We Love Making Lives Easier

Our passion is taking care of others that can no longer take care of themselves, the RIGHT way. 


15 Years in Business

15 years of Compassion, Empathy, Love & Respect for our patients.

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